Thursday, 21 of August of 2014

Designer at <3

It started with doodling.

Which, by the way is beneficial to you when you’re taking notes, in case, you thought you were doing something naughty!

I switched from doodling to painting (on walls) then came to Ball State and discovered journalism graphics.

Let’s go back to Kindergarten for a second. Do you remember your first experience with a computer? One of the very first programs I got to play in was Microsoft Paint. When I saw the color wheel, I fell in love. I also loved playing in the 25 fonts that were available. The possibilities seemed utterly limitless!

Presentation is nearly everything- I think we know this in CICS. This is not a colorless, Times New Roman occupied vacuum, right? Therefor, I want to share some interface design sites I’ve been looking at. Some are merely conceptual, others are actually implemented and some might have tutorials! I get excited about these things. Hopefully you will enjoy the nuances and insights these sites examine.

1. 40+ Greatest Web Interface Design Photoshop Tutorials Pt.1

Looking to make a cool logo for your group or a prototype of a website? (I’m a few weeks late, I realize this) Here are some cool, method-explained ideas!

2. 40 Detailed Examples of User Interface Design


Some of these designs are conceptual. The use of iOS-like nuances make these ideas really stunning if you’ve never actually considered the amount of detailed simplicity put into them.

3. iOS Human Interface Guidelines

OS Human Interface Guidelines¬†describes the guidelines and principles that help you design a superlative user interface and user experience for your iOS app.”¬†This is by Apple. Did you know this existed?

I might post more… but that’s it for now!