Sunday, 31 of August of 2014

Social media overload: Time to simplify

The average user is spending more and more time on social networking sites. All it takes is a simple Google search to come up with a study that shows users have increased their time spent online. I recently cleaned out my email inbox, only to realize how difficult it is to delete your account with websites, after you have registered. There are ways to delete your information, but some sites make it difficult or impossible to delete your account! Once you sign up, you may be  in for life. Take a look at this article with some of the major websites on how to permanently delete your account. It is interesting how some companies differ in how users can delete their information. The question is, does Facebook really delete your data, once you “delete” your Facebook account? I wouldn’t think so. Overall, I don’t think it was worth the time to go back and delete my inactive accounts, but at least I learned something. After all, why do you need multiple social media sites, when Twitter can solve everything.